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We provide clients with the information, tools, and counsel to make great decisions when buying or selling real estate.

In our work as a real estate agents, we notice that people struggle with understanding the home buying process and easily feel overwhelmed, that's where we come in.

We educate and empower clients by providing the tools, information, and counsel to make a great decision when selling, or purchasing a home.  

As a result, clients remark that they didn't feel like they were being sold to but rather that they had someone serving as their guide.  


“Really enjoyed working with Mike Van Cleve. He went above and beyond to find me exactly what I wanted. I buy single family houses and rentals, will use him in the future, and recommend him to others.”

“"Mike was very knowledgeable about markets and real estate in general. He worked hard to help us prepare our home for sale in an economic manner and even pitched in some labor. We had an offer in-hand after 1 week for full asking price."”

“Mike was wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone. He did a great job. He was helpful, friendly, and understanding.”

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