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Peoria offers a greater quality of life for less. With the average home price in the area of $157,000 and with great options below $100,000 to $400,000 and above, it leaves room in your budget for more of the things that are important to you.  We believe that you should own your home, it shouldn't own you.

Some of the things we hear our clients say….

·         “I can’t believe the quality of home I am able to afford in my price range.”

·         “Now I can afford to put my children in a private school.”

·         “With a lower mortgage payment, I would have money to travel more.”

·          “At that price I could pay off my home so much faster.”

·          “We can now afford for my spouse to stay home.”

What would you do with extra room in your budget?

Spend less

Have more money than month

Reduce stress

Money is the #1 strain on relationships

Enjoy life

Lower cost of living = more freedom


Whether it's your 1st or 5th home, we specialize in providing the information, resources, and counsel to make great decisions when buying a home. As your guide through the home buying process, we answer questions, providing insight, and use our 11+ years experience to help in your move to the Peoria area.

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Jacob Rendel

Jacob Rendel

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Jessica Leitner

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Mike Van Cleve

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