$5000 City of Peoria Down Payment Grant Expanded

The City of Peoria has expanded the down payment grant program from $5,000 to $10,000 for non-owner occupied homes that are located within the Qualifying Tract Area. The Mike Van Cleve Team can assist with this program.  Since January of 2022 the City of Peoria has offered $5,000 towards a buyer’s down payment as long as the home price doesn’t exceed $125,000 and is located within one of the qualifying areas.

WMBD Article on the expansion of the City of Peoria grantCIty of Peoria Qualifying Tract Area

The grant is forgiven if the owner lives in the property for at least two years following the purchase. The City just expanded the program to also include up to $10,000 for a buyer who is purchasing a property that is on the City of Peoria’s non-owner occupied rental list.  For more information, contact our team and we can discuss your options by emailing Mike at [email protected] or visiting our contact us page.