Quality of Life in Peoria

Peoria offers a better quality of life. With lower average home prices and shorter commute times there is more time and money for the people and things that you love. Imagine being able to save an hour or more a day in your commute. What would you do with your time? We have some suggestions…

get more from where you live

You work hard, you should enjoy where you live.  Quality of life and having the ability to enjoy the efforts of your work is crucial to living a happy life.  

The tabs below have links and resources to show what Peoria has to offer.  Connect with the places that make Peoria unique, from the museums w/ a 10' amethyst geode to the coffee shop with the best chai.  Additionally, you'll learn that Peoria in fact does have everything and anything you'd want in a place to live.

On account of Peoria having the oldest park district in the state, there is long respect for exercise recreation.  Undoubtedly, whether visiting RC Outfitters, one of our local specialty outdoor adventure and running stores, or another local retailers, you'll be covered when it comes to the gear and opportunities to be active.  

Below is a list of local gyms and workout opportunities.  

There are fun times to be had by all. 

Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, golfing, art, music, theater, history, shopping, festivals or farmers markets, there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Did you know...

Peoria is the oldest park district in Illinois. Peoria also has one of the largest park districts in the state? They offer high quality parks, recreation and educational experiences. 

Below are some links to various resources to play your way in Peoria.

Peoria Park District - https://peoriaparks.org/

Peoria offers plenty of opportunities to expand your understanding of the world through its various museums and cultural opportunities.

When looking for a place to meet, work, read or simply get a coffee Peoria has a number of great coffee shops to choose from.

Below is a list of some of our local favorites.

With a wide variety and great number of options for dining experiences, Peoria has something for everyone.

Below are a few of our local favorites.

  • 10 Things We Can't Live Without - We toured some of our favorite local restaurants Watch the Video
  • Mike introduces his team to shawarma at Chef Moussa Watch the Video 
  • Mike and Jessica (assistant to the Mike Van Cleve Team) get coffee at CxT Coffee Roasters Watch the Video

Take advantage of free access to traditional, audio and e-books as well as music, videos, classes and events, Peoria has several locations throughout the city.

Peoria Public Libraries https://peoriapubliclibrary.org/

Branches include: 

  • MAIN LIBRARY. 107 N.E. Monroe. Peoria, IL 61602.
  • LINCOLN BRANCH. 1312 W. Lincoln Ave. Peoria, IL 61605. 
  • McCLURE BRANCH. 315 W. McClure Ave. Peoria, IL 61604. 
  • NORTH BRANCH. 3001 W. Grand Pkwy. Peoria, IL 61615. 
  • LAKEVIEW BRANCH. 1137 W. Lake Ave. Peoria, IL 61614

  • Peoria Heights Library https://www.peoriaheightslibrary.com/

    From big box stores to small locally owned shops and farmers markets, Peoria has all that you need.

    Did you know, Peoria was formerly known as the Whiskey Capital of the World? Peoria now offers everything from distilleries, breweries and wine bars to nightclubs.

    One of the benefits to living in Central Illinois is the access to many great surrounding communities.  Experiences within just a couple hours drive.  Here are a few of our team's favorites:

    Water, gas, electric, sewer, trash/recycling, and internet, Peoria’s local providers have the services you need.

    Below are some links to help you connect with service providers in our area:




    • Sewer Services
      Greater Peoria Peoria Sanitary District (GPSD) https://www.gpsd.org/
    • Coordinates with Illinois American Water when the buyer calls to transfer water service


    • Garbage
      City of Peoria Trash https://www.peoriapicksup.com/trash/
      Trash cans remain assigned to the home and should be left for you.
      There is a $100/can fee from the waste disposal company for replacing cans owned by the disposal company. 


    Wondering what to expect in each season? Allow us to be your guide.

    Download our winter resource guide https://mikevancleve.com/winter-guide/

    WEEK News 25 https://www.25newsnow.com/weather/

    Here are some resources for our four legged (or three if you have a tri-paw'd squad)

    Dapper Dog Grooming Salon https://the-dapper-dog-grooming-salon.business.site/

    Bear's Bites Single Ingredient Dog Treats https://bearsbites.net/


    Whether this is your first or fifth home, our team specializes in providing you with the information, resources, and counsel to make great decisions when buying (or selling) real estate. We serve as your guide through the home buying process, answering questions, providing insight, and using over 11 years of experience to help you navigate your move to the Peoria area.

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    DID YOU KNOW? Peoria, Home of Univ. of IL School of Medicine

    Peoria is home to the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Here is how the U of I College of Medicine describes quality of life in Peoria.

    "Peoria loves to surprise people. It’s a community that features big-city advantages with a small-town vibe (goodbye, traffic!). Peoria has rich cultural amenities, low cost of living, family-friendly activities, multiple colleges and a variety of job opportunities. A best-kept secret along the Illinois River, discover what Peoria has to offer...."

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