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There’s no place else on earth quite like Peoria, Illinois. We love this area and once we show you around, we're convinced you will love it too and want to plant roots of your own in our community. When to buy? Where to buy? Does Peoria offer what I'm looking for in a community?  Can I get around?  These are the questions we'll help you find answers on this page.  Let's get started.

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Connect with the places that make Peoria unique, from the museums with a 10' amethyst geode to the coffee shop with the best chai. We outline where go to get everything from gyms, recreation, restaurants, libraries, shopping, nightlife, groceries, farmers markets, and more

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Jessica Leitner

Jessica Leitner

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Mike Van Cleve

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Whether this is your first or fifth home, our team specializes in providing you with the information, resources, and counsel to make great decisions when buying (or selling) real estate. We serve as your guide through the home buying process, answering questions, providing insight, and using over 11 years of experience to help you navigate your move to the Peoria area.