Peoria Questions: Part 2

In this video:

Our first video “7 Questions To Ask Before Moving To Peoria” was such a hit that we filmed a second edition. In this video we address:

00:21 Is Peoria safe?
01:22 What are hourly wages like in Peoria?
02:10 What are the houses like?
02:32 What are the commute times like?
02:57 Does it cost more to maintain an older home?
05:23 What recycling options are available?
05:46 How much are utilities?
06:15 Are there grants available for buyers?
07:12 What is nightlife like?
07:27 What else is there to do in Peoria?
08:21 Is it hard to get involved?
08:43 Is Peoria Pet friendly? Dog parks?

Are there other questions that you’d like answered? Leave us a comment and we can address those questions in a future video.

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